Welcome to the Scroggins Guitars Custom Shop. My shop is a small production facility, offering only the finest solid-body electric guitars and basses possible. In a sea  of boutique electrics, my guitars stand out as genuinely hand made one-at-a-time instruments! I have a truly Hands-on build approach, my two "hands" are "on" the instrument throughout the build process. Having no CNC computer controlled cutters, pre-made wooden "blanks", or any "fast production" limitations allows me the freedom to build any manner, shape or style instrument, from set-neck carved tops with unique wood bindings and superb maple tops, to bolt-neck blues instruments, to neck-through Hippy Sandwiches, semi-hollow bodies, and beyond.

As a result, I'm not limited to offering only certain models, and every guitar can be as unique as you are! Let me put my many years of experience to work for you crafting a fine instrument for you that you will love for many years to come. And the 10,000 plus instruments that have crossed my workbench over the years insures that your guitar will play and sound as beautifully as it looks. I love to talk shop, so give me a call today! My cell phone is (813)263-2421. I'm easy to reach.

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